Drowned Rats

Where is the best place to build a home from a structural and safety standpoint? I think I would go for an area that is on level and firm ground somewhere above the local water line. But that’s just me; I’m a weirdo.

If you live in Southern California, you would probably want to go for a hillside made of soft soil and directly in the path of annual mudslides and flooding. Every single year when the winter rains come to SoCal, the hillsides begin to erode and crumble causing hundreds of homes to be completely decimated by mud and water. Who is to blame? Is it the first-time home buyer that has not researched the area conditions thoroughly enough? The zoning commission that allows people to build in these areas to begin with? Development owners that convince their clients they will be safe? I would say all of the above. Now, let’s assume that someone buys a home in the area and they are completely ignorant, I mean dumber than a shithouse rat on crack-cocaine; okay I feel somewhat sorry for them. They botched it. Give them their insurance check, and hopefully they’ve learned their lesson and move elsewhere. It’s a sad tough process to lose a home and have to relocate, but they survived; awesome.

It’s the stupid fucking morons that rebuild on the exact same spot that need to be thrown in a giant burlap sack and drowned in the nearest river. You see the same thing on TV very year, “Oh man, I can’t believe this happened again; I lost everything!” What was that word? Again. So you’re telling me that after watching your living room float down the street last year, you thought that it would be a great plan to build a new house on the ground that is even more likely to wash away this year? You genius! You deserve a medal! I don’t feel sorry for these ass-tards. Anyone living in SoCal knows what’s going to happen; it is not a surprise. In the late spring and summer the fires will come, and they will continue through the fall. They devastate the land, and then it rains and washes the ground away. It’s called a cyclical event for a reason RETARDS!

But these people are just trying to keep up with their jerk-off counterparts living in the Midwest floodplains that periodically set sail in their trailers down the Mississippi. What do they do? Rebuild on the same spot. Brilliant! And the news always covers these events like it’s a huge surprise that it happened (again). The viewer is supposed to be emotionally moved by the plight of the victims. I am. I feel incredibly sorry for the children in these situations that have the world’s biggest dumbfucks for parents. They deserve better.

Maybe they could move to a hurricane zone and not live in a home reinforced to protect it from such an event? Or a tornado alley where they live in a tinfoil trailer?

Look what happened in Haiti last month. That was a horrible event. There, people did not and do not have the means to build safe structures. They can’t just move to a safer part of the country. In this country we are capable of doing both – wake the fuck up!


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~ by zoopandpoop on February 9, 2010.

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